Ring - Mjolnir
Ring - Mjolnir
Ring - Mjolnir
Ring - Mjolnir
Ring - Mjolnir
Ring - Mjolnir


Ring - Mjolnir

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 It will take a big warrior or shieldmaiden to wear one of these chunky Mjollnir rings. But if you have what it takes, this will certainly make the statement. A heavy solid stylish ring for everyday wear.


In Norse mythology, Thor's Hammer, or as it it know, Mjöllnir is probably the most important, and best known symbol in this era.

Thor (old Norse for Thunder) the god of rain, storm and thunder. He is the son of Odin and the Earth Goddess, and was the God who guarded Asgard, the fortress of the Aesr Gods against the forces of chaos, known as the Jotun, or Giants. Thor was also the protector of Mankind on Midgard.
Mjöllnir, meaning "Lightning, was Thor's primary weapon. However, it has been used as a symbol of Protection, Consecration and Blessing in ceremonies for millennia. As is often found painted or carved above doorways to protect entrances of homes and buildings. 

Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Size: Height:20mm Width:18mm
Weight: 16gram

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