Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet
Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet


Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet

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Working with you and the runes to achieve the desired end result.

Using the ancient practice of Galdr, I will work with you using divination techniques to understand more about the energy related to a specific question or topic you seek help on. Once understood and we agree on which areas to work on, I will use the power of the runes in an old form of Northern "Magick", Galdr, or intent work to design and formulate a Talisman which will be worn to work with you to achieve the results desired.

Runes are a powerful method to focus energies on areas you would like turned around, or empowered. Using individual runes, or a combination of a number of runes, otherwise know as a Bind-Rune.

In creating a specific Amulet Talisman to wear we ensure the power is close to you at all times, and assists you in achieving what we have set down in the intent of the working.

The process is divided into a number of parts:

  • Sit in consultation (in person or over the telephone) using either the Runes or Oracle cards as a divination tool to fully understand the situation or question in depth
  • Discuss, based on the results of the above, what areas are important to focus the Galdr on.
  • Decide on the Amulet style to use. I have a number of base and pre-made Crystal Clay Amulets in stock, and will forward photos through to you to make your choice. We can discuss variations which can be created if time for delivery is not urgent. All work is hand made by myself together with one of my two partnered spiritual artists.
  • I will then (after the session, prepare a bind-rune, or similar, to achieve the desired result
  • This will then be carved into the Amulet chosen (Note: I have a number of blank custom amulets to choose from, or if you don't mind waiting I can have one specifically made by one of our spiritual artists)
  • Once the Amulet is carved, it is consecrated and activated in ceremony and attuned to its purpose.
  • After this, I will prepare the amulet for deliver and ship it to you via courier. Inside will be a brief description of what has been done, and the meanings behind the craving. (FREE shipping within South Africa)

These Amulets are very powerful, and should be used only as directed. They are specifically created for the client, and should not be worn by someone else, unless it was designed for that person in consultation.

Use the Date and Time Scheduler to book our initial appointment, and during this session I will detail the timings on the full process. In short, from first consultation to end product may take between 10 to 14 days excluding shipping. 

 Book now and secure your personal time with me.

I look forward to our meeting.
Love, Light, and Skal
Bradley Ensamvarg


Feel free to email me first if you would like to discuss this a little more before booking time. (brad@ensamvarg.co.za)