Engraved Clear Quartz Rune Stones - Elder Futhark
Engraved Clear Quartz Rune Stones - Elder Futhark
Engraved Clear Quartz Rune Stones - Elder Futhark


Engraved Clear Quartz Rune Stones - Elder Futhark

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Clear Quartz Rune Stones - Elder Futhark

Ordinary yet extraordinary, colorful and clear, Quartz crystals are the most common and abundant in the world, comprising the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom. "From ancient times to the present day, quartz crystals have been a source of Light to mankind. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, the unique attributes of quartz have played a key role in mankind' evolutionary development." (Baer, R, "Windows of Light" preface)

Composed of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide), Quartz, from the European "quarz", is a key component in a wide array of minerals designated as "silicates." It occurs as prismatic hexagonal crystals in compact masses and druses, as well as in dense fibrous or grainy formations without visible crystals. It is also an important mineral element in common rock such as granite, quartzite and gneiss, and in sedimentary conglomerates like sandstone. [Simmons, 317][www.Quartzpage.de]


Product Features: Rune Stone
Material: Crystal
Size Details(Approx): 15mmx25mm
Quantity: 1 Set (Included 25 pcs)
Weight(Approx): 75-100 Gram/Set

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