Browse and feel free. Learning and Enlightenment is such an awesome journey. Have fun.

Very Important note: Knowledge is good, experience is better. Don't get caught up in the trap of reading and trying to gain the theory. Practice is the important path...

And again, remember: You may follow the words of the Guru, but don't follow the Guru. This is your path, and your experience to gain. Spirit has a unique role for you on this earth, find it, and fulfill it...

On this path, there is no intermediary. You are the center of the universe. You connect directly to the source... 





Wikipedia on magical rune staves


Some books on Kindle and in Print

 Earth Magic - Steven Farmer

The Path of Druids - Penny Billington

Rune Casters Hand Book - EdredThorsson

Icelandic Magic - Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimores - Stephen Flowers (PHD)

The Book of Rune Secrets - Tyriel

The Crane Bag - Joanna van der Hoeven

Northern Magic - Eric Thorsen

Power Runes - Kenneth Meadows

The Norse Shaman - Evelyn Rysdyk

Seeing in the Dark - Colleen Deatsman

Spirit Walking - Evelyn Rysdyk

Rune Divination - Michael Denney

Rune Shamanism - Michael William Denney

Advanced Rune Shamanism - Michael William Deney

The Poetic Edda - Jackson Crawford


These are just a few to help you on the way. Again, this is not about reading. Its about experiencing the path. Enjoy, take it easy. This is not a 1 day, or 1 year journey. There is no race, and no end. Everyday is new. and who knows where you will end up, but I promise you that there is a world of new adventures awaiting you. Be vulnerable, step out, become the you you were meant to be.