My Services

We are all whole beings, so when working with you, I look at all aspects of who you are. As a spirit being, and as an individual who has a family life, a work or business life, and a spiritual life. We can't separate these elements as they are all a part of who you are.

When one part is out of balance, it affects all the other parts, and this in turn affects how you carry out and function in your various roles, and with those around.

Healing comes from within. To change things that are around us, we must first look within. We need to face ourselves, and start by looking at our own path, and see where we are along it. Once we discover what our path is, and where along that pat we find ourselves, and we begin to vibrate our energies on this road, then we find that everything around us starts to work smoother, and becomes less of an effort.

I would love to work alongside you in discovering your journey, and your path. If you are on this site, or searching for answers to similar questions then you know that the Creator has begun to call you to action.

Heed the call.

When working with you I will use various tools to assist in uncovering areas that require attention, and work with you in identifying what is held within your self, the answers always come from within. To do this I will use various forms of divination, such as oracle cards or the runes. I will also work with you using what is known as Galdr, or "rune magick", to help focus your intentions, and work alongside you on your journey.