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For All Things Runic, Magickal, Mystical And Spiritual

Welcome to Ensamvarg Runic Mysteries.

Here I practice the walk of the Ancient Ways, the Northern Ways of the old Teutonic Tribes. And from the outset, I welcome ALL visitors no matter your heritage, background, ethnic grouping or preferences. This is a place to love, learn and grow.

This website is my front office, or so to speak. Here you will find information relating to my practice, be able to book time in my diary for a Rune reading or Oracle Card Reading. You will also read up all about the Runes, and Shamanism.

In addition, you will find various Rune products I have been led to create, such as my “Learn the Runes” Q-cards, the Diviner’s Rune Card Set. You will also find Rune Amulets, Talismans, Pre-Loved books and Spiritual Items, Oracle cards, and Tarot Decks. I have also hand selected a collection of Nordic and Viking Style Jewelry to ensure it conforms to the basic Rune tradition.  Browse around and enjoy.


Who am I?

How to describe oneself to the world. Who am I? This is a deep question, and one which can be filled with Ego, or a desire to seek out labels and definitions to ensure we are seen in the world as relevant. 

I know the following things, which are fact. I am a husband to an amazing woman, and father of two gorgeous daughters. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Garden Route of South Africa, in a little place called Ballots Bay. 

My journey has been many a lifetime in the making, and I have no doubt a few more to come.

What do I do?

I am a practicing Vitki, a Rune Magician, Runic Shaman, a practitioner of Galdr, and a binder of runes. I follow the old ways, and stay true to my ancestral heritages. Both of Land and Blood. I am a psychic intuitive.

I offer transformational healing and coaching, working with individuals, using the power of the runes to effect change in lives, and supporting individuals on their path through this life. 

As part of my services I offer Rune Readings, Oracle Card readings, and Galdr work. Galdr is the practice of using the runes to effect change in situations. I am able to guide you along your way, pointing out areas that Spirit highlights as areas which are having the greatest impact on your life in the present moment, and how these may impact your path forward. I am a conduit for Spirit.

My approach is both spiritual, and practical. We are on this planet, living this life, in this lifetime. And as much as this is a spiritual journey, we also interact on a day to day basis in the physical. We are Body, Soul (Mind) and Spirit. And when we learn that we are all these things, that is when we start to accept ourselves for who we are, and that is when we can work from within, to affect our world around us, rather than let the world around us affect us within.

My intent is to always keep it personal, and informative for those on their own journey.

Love and Light

Bradley "Ensamvarg"

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