Handmade by Vitki - Freyja Talisman
Handmade by Vitki - Freyja Talisman
Handmade by Vitki - Freyja Talisman


Handmade by Vitki - Freyja Talisman

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This is a once off, unique Rune Amulet. The bind rune celebrates Freyja, the Goddess of the old ways. The pairing of the Red Beryl goes well with the personality traits of Freyja, and her assistance when working with her. Carved on Silver Leaf Coastal Oak twig.

Consecrated, and Activated

Rune: Bind rune celebrating the Goddess Freyja of the Old Ways


  • Red Beryl / Bixbite - Stimulates courage, passion, physical vitality, strength of purpose, sexual vitality 
  • Black Obsidian - Psychic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity, spirit communication

Cord: Waxed Cotton Macrame braid

Cord Colour: Brown

Cord Size: Adjustable to maximum 66mm with adjustable knot

Design: Rustic

Collaborate Artist: Landi Engelbrecht

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