Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves
Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves
Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves
Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves
Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves


Handmade by Vitki - Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves

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Elder Futhark Rune Mini-Staves  (in Wine-Red Velvet Draw String Bag)

Made from a single branch of Camphor Tree Wood. Each Rune is carved with intent and Galdr sung over the Rune as it is carved. Every part of the process is handled by me personally. From the selection of the branch (as gifted or from necessary pruning) through to consecration.

The Runes are Consecrated and Activated by myself for each set.

I will send with instructions to personalize them to yourself, and details on how to perform the Three Norns Activation Ceremony for your personal set.

Ensamvarg Note:

An extract from Germania by Cornelius Tacitus (A.D. 98). This observation from Tacitus is one of the sources we have regarding Rune Divination from ancient times.

"For auspices and the casting of lots they have the highest possible regard. Their procedure in casting lots is uniform. They break off a branch of a fruit-tree and slice it into strips; they distinguish these by certain runes and throw them, as random chance will have it, on to a white cloth. Then the priest of the State if the consultation is a public one, the father of the family if it is private, after a prayer to the gods and an intent gaze heavenward, picks up three, one at a time, and reads their meaning from the runes scored on them. If the lots forbid an enterprise, there can be no further consultation that day; if they allow it, further confirmation by auspices is required."

Size: Staves are 30mm in length

Width/Diameter: Varies as it is a natural product, and the wood per set will vary, and each stave thickness will also vary according to the relevant branch.

Finish: Rune staves are lightly sanded and sealed with Linseed Oil.

Packaging: Wine Red Velvet Ensamvarg Bag 

Note: Sets are made to order, so please allow 2-3 days before shipping will take place.

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