Offline Recorded Rune Card Reading - Full Celtic Cross Reading (Appox. 20-30 minutes)
Offline Recorded Rune Card Reading - Full Celtic Cross Reading (Appox. 20-30 minutes)


Offline Recorded Rune Card Reading - Full Celtic Cross Reading (Appox. 20-30 minutes)

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This is a distance reading, offline.

Some clients do not have time in the day to do a live video reading at work, but feel they need guidance non the less.

All I need is from you is to book your reading, and then send me a recent, very clear photo of yourself, without anyone else in the picture, and a full description of your particular question, or reading you would like. These details can be added into the Special Instructions field when booking out.

While this type of read does not allow for interaction, and hence is shorter than the standard Celtic Cross reading, you still get the full reading.

I will do your reading and record the sessions offline. That way you get the emotion and feelings that come through to me from the Runes and Spirit, with the reading. You will then also have a the recording to come back to at a later stage.

I utilize a set of Rune Oracle Cards, as well as my personal rune set to do these readings. I will email you a link to the reading so that you can view the recording online within 48 hours of your booking.

(Please note that these recordings may not be distributed without prior permission. These readings are for you personally to use, and my live recordings are not for posting up onto any social media or mass distribution, without express prior permission.)

Full Celtic Cross Rune Reading - Looking for guidance and answers around a situation

 Runes are a great tool for getting solid, no holds barred, answers to important questions. They work with the energies you are expressing at present. They will tell you why you are in a specific place at present, and what these energies are likely to bring going forward. With this information at hand, we can discuss what options you have to continue forward, or utilizing which runes to help change a situation if it is undesirable.

Based on the ancient Teutonic elements, Runes are be a great tool, on par with the Tarot and I-Ching in discovering the way forward with various aspects or challenges in your life.

The Runes will also highlight what the possible future is if things are left unchanged, and what you need to do in any given situation.

Rune and Rune Cards are great tools for uncovering what you need to understand when you encounter the following situations in life:

  • Financial stress
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Business
  • Career decisions
  • Family
  • Personal and Spiritual growth /Transformation