Getting the most out of your runic Amulet

Using your Runic Amulet is simple.

The amulet and rune have been charged with intent, and consecrated. It is the motive, and intent of the shaman, or magician that generates the actions and directions in the runes. The runes themselves are just a process by which the fundamental potencies of Nature can be carried or conveyed.

The energy is working in the background. To gain maximum benefit, your personal intent should be aligned with the intent of the amulet. You should follow your intuition and adjust things as you 'feel' the need to. Be guided, and meditate on the rune / bind rune, and follow your guidance for best results. Its no use feeling that you should do something, and then ignoring that inner advice, as ultimately it is your intent that creates the future results.

Energy flows where attention goes. It will ultimately be your action on your active feeling which brings about the desired changes. The runes will bring the correct energy into your field, as well as attract the necessary tools or people into your path, but without action there can be no results. Work with you Rune Amulet to achieve the ultimate result and success.

Sit down in the early morning, or evening, when its quiet, and contemplate and meditate with the rune amulet. Focus on the meaning, and the power of the rune you are working with, and allow your intuition to speak to you. And as always, act on what you learn.

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