Why the Runes?

The great mystery. The path we walk daily. The questions.

 Runes have been around for a very long time, and have been worked with by shaman (Volva) and Galdor Practitioners (vitki / magicians) alike. The runes are the mystery. The runes themselves are neither good nor bad. They themselves have no moral or ethical qualities within them. They just are.

 It is the motive, and intent of the shaman, or magician that generates the actions and directions in the runes. The runes themselves are just a process by which the fundamental potencies of Nature can be carried or conveyed.

 My journey has brought me to shamanism, and even further into a specific form of shamanism. My roots and soul have cried out from within, and the ancestors have called me to follow in the northern traditions. These are the ways of the Germanic tribes of old, which included the Icelandic, Nordic, Scandinavian and Celtic tribes. And these were all tribes who worked closely with the runes. This is my path, and my call.

 And I invite you to allow the runes to help you along your journey.