My Personal Journey

Ensamvarg - Lone Wolf.

 Wolf is my Spirit Guide, and has walked this journey with me and kept me safe. Wolf has been a guide and a teacher, and in the logo and name I honor that partnership.

 Shamanism is probably the first form of human spiritual expression. It predates any and all deity based religions. With no intermediary in shamanism, you have direct access to the maker, the creator, the Great Mystery, the All Father.

 My journey has been a long one, and mostly because I denied much about who I was deep inside. My early childhood was free and full of experiences. My teenage years much more subdued, and caught up in the conflict of who I wanted to be, and what my circumstances and environment dictated. While being brought up in a charismatic christian home provided a solid and loving environment, it did cause uncertainty and conflict within myself. Being in this environment meant I was discouraged from connecting with the spirit within. 

 My involvement with the church further created confusion, and deepened my quest for answers. It was only late in my adult life that I truly allowed myself to dig deep, and to return to the life long call I had been suppressing and denying. Following the call, I started my slow journey towards myself, towards knowing who I am. My path has been slowly opening up in front of me. My journey has led me down many roads, experiencing many things which have been opened up to me.

At some stage, we all need to allow ourselves to become vulnerable. Not in the sense of insecurity, but like flowers in the meadow. Walking tall in the sunlight, planted strong in mother earth, and reaching for father sun. And like the flowers, the beauty can only show when they take the risk to blossom. They may be walked on, or picked, but they are flowers, and that's what flowers do. They blossom. They provide beauty, they provide nectar, and they play their role in the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

No longer do I allow myself to be subjected to conditional fears, but stepping forward and letting others know the truth from within. I am called to this path, and very specifically to the path of Runic Shamanism.  

As much as I have worked with other shaman, it has slowly come as a reality that this journey is one for me, and me alone. No one else can walk it for me. I say this not out of arrogance, but because this journey can only be walked by each one of us, for ourselves. But there is always help and guidance. While you walk your own path, you are never alone. You will always find a guide, or fellow journeyer along the path.

I thank those shaman, and healers who have walked part of the path with me, teaching and guiding me as was often needed. And I honor the spirit helpers who have worked with me in partnership. Never telling me what to do, but rather being there to gently reassure as the questions came. This is a path best experienced practically, and not in theory. 

 The truth, and answers lie within ourselves.