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Weekly Oracle - Berkano - New Beginnings

Todays Card of the week is a Rune draw - Berkana Berkano,  meaning Birch. This is the rune of the goddess Berchta. She is traditionally worshipped at the winter solstice to frighten off the dark spirits of winter and make way for the brightness of spring. She is connected to the Birch tree. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make brooms. They were believed to have magical cleansing powers to drive away evil spirits. Berchta is connected to the modern word “Bright”. Birch wood, when used as a fire starter burns exceptionally bright. The Berkano rune is the principle of self-contained and continuous propagation or growth. Expect new beginnings this coming week. Look out for opportunity in those things which...

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Weekly Oracle Card -Desert - Vision Quest (2018-04-04 Wed)

Desert ~ Vision Quest: The vision quest is found in many cultures. Throughout history, we have passed down many stories of people wandering the desert. Often they are about religious figures and ascended masters who had journeyed there and returned to their people with remarkable vision. For instance Jesus spent 40 days in the desert before starting his ministry. Buddha also spend 40 days in seclusion before his true interactions began, No I don't think pulling the Vision Quest card for this weeks oracle is in any way telling us to disappear for 40 days in seclusion. But there is an important element  or lesson to note here. The vision quest typically happens in a desert. Away from luxuries, and also...

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