Weekly Oracle - URUZ - Ethical Power

UruzToday’s Oracle is the rune “URUZ”. The second in the Elder Furthark sequence. And perhaps I should point out that when I choose a rune card, I shuffle the cards until one literally pops out. So today is as directed by spirit as it could have been. I say this because as the sequence of the Elder Furthark goes, URUZ follows on from FEHU. So no guessing, Spirit has something to add to last week’s card. Since these two follow each other on the sequence and in spiritual growth.

Uruz (pronounced “uh-rooze”) is the rune of physical, spiritual and mental strength. It is often used in GALDR (rune-magick) when needing strength in healing.

Building personal power is only valuable if we do so from the inside out. If we rely on external validation, such as MONEY to validate our power, we will always be in a weak position.

Developing self-trust, self-esteem, self-care, and self-knowledge will go a long way to securing a strong, grounded and authentic sense of self that can withstand any attack.

So the message for this week is very clear. Build personal power ethically, from the inside out. Endurance and resilience are important now in the situation you are facing. You may be going through some tough lessons, but call on the power of the URUZ rune. Meditate on the sound of the rune, and call in the help, the strength to build your own strength from within. Fight through to the other side, whether this be a financial crisis, or health crisis. But the way forward is to work from the strength within you, and not rely on the external forces to validate your power.

DO NOT rely on money to validate your power. Wealth, or Money, is not power. You are POWER!

Again, I will re-iterate, You ARE the power. Our WILL can change our fate – it can forge a path where there is none. Do not surrender your WILL to anyone. Sometimes we do so due to trauma as a child, or trauma later on in life, but URUZ reminds us that our true self is not far away, it has always been there. Step up, take charge, the power comes from within. True, ethical power. Take ownership of who you are, and of your fate, or “orlog”

So whether this has to do with money, or health. The power is within you. Take up your power, call on the power of the UROCH’s (Ancient Bison) which is the power of the URUZ rune, and step forward.

Have a fantastic, ethically powerful week.

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