Weekly Oracle - The rune Gebo - Generosity, Success and Understanding

Gebo -Success, Trust and UnderstandingGood Morning, and what a fantastic day here along the Garden Route of South Africa. Sun is shining and clear skies abound. This weeks Oracle comes in the form of the Gebo rune. And I am doubly excited, as this is the first time I am using my new set of Rune Cards. I have been waiting for them close on three months. Thought they got lost in the postal system. And I did a little ceremony last week to call them in from being lost. Long story short, my 5 year old daughter found a slip floating around the garden on Friday. Didn't look like it had been there overnight, and certainly not a month old as the slip said. So I am guessing the postman found the month old slip lost at the bottom of his bag. Either way, the ceremony worked, and they have arrived. They are full of power and energy. I just love them.

Gebo, means Gift. Its the X in XMas, its all about generosity, hospitality and success. Gebo is the 7th rune of the Elder Futhark. It forms part of the transformation and development of ourselves in the earthly realms. Gebo teaches us that once we have become grounded in ourselves, and build our internal strength, and started to connect spiritually we learn to become generous with our-self, and with others. In the old Germanic and Northern Tribes, if a traveler knocked on your door, you would invite them in, and provide them with what ever help and assistance you could, given your means. The gift of hospitality. Without expectation. 

This week, in your business and personal life, Gebo says to expect success in the endeavors that you have planted. This follows on from last weeks Pethro rune. Gebo says you can find success in that contract you are working on, or in a negotiation with. This success will come in a balanced way, a way which is a win-win for all parties involved. You are asked to seek the win-win and you will enter a long successful partnership. One of trust and balance.

In relationships, Gebo asks that you approach your relationship with understanding and trust this week. Not only in your own behaviour, acting in a way that allows others to build trust in you, but also in trusting your partner. Listen carefully, and seek to understand their way of thinking, their explanation of the situation. There is more to the story, and you are asked to listen and seek to understand before you respond. And respond, don't react. This will bring the balance back into your relationship, and open the doors to growth. And who knows, a sensual union may be the end result.

You are also guided to be the gift this week. There is a situation in your life now, where your spirit has been prompting you to help out. Seek out someway in which you can offer hospitality or be the gift to that someone. They most likely cannot pay you back. Give without expectation of receiving. Gebo is the energy of generosity, so step forward, as Gebo says you cannot fathom what impact your gift of your energy will have on this person. Follow what your intuition is telling you. Give freely. When you give, the challenge here is not to give money, as that is too easy. Gebo is telling you to give from your heart, your time or in a way that allows your personal energy to be a part of the gift. This will create the longest lasting impact on the other persons life.

Be blessed and stay blessed. Why not take some time out of your busy week and meditate on the Gebo rune. Simply chant the rune slowly while breathing out - Gay-boe, 3 sets of three. Do this everyday for the next week, and feel and watch the energy of Gebo work around your life.

Love, Light and Skal,

Bradley Ensamvarg







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