Weekly Oracle- Fehu - Mobile Wealth, Cattle, Livestock, Money, Gold

Fehu - Wealth and AbundanceFehu, the first of the Runes in the order of the Elder Futhark. Like in many of our African cultures, the cow was a source of wealth and abundance in the northern cultures as well. Fehu is representative of the cow. The shape also eludes to the horns of the domesticated animal which provided much of the food, milk, and wealth for the northern tribes. It is also said to be the originals of the word "Fee".

In the northern traditions, young nobles would not inherit when they became of age until the had proved their worth, and earned their own wealth. They would need to go out and make their own way, and own wealth. Whether that be by barter, or in some instances, they would have to go out on raids, and raid cattle from other tribes, or lands, and bring them home.

In all instances the meaning of Fehu is about mobile wealth, but effort must be put into create the wealth.

Fehu, in my understanding has come to represent "cash flow" in business, and financial abundance in our lives. It is the circulation of wealth. In order to gain and grow the wealth it should also be circulated, in gift, responsibly. For without circulation the flow will die.

The week ahead. 

Wealth is in the offing, but it must be used wisely, and shared generously to avoid conflict.

If it is used properly then social success will be won. 

The above is also true for "Inner Wealth" or knowledge. Share your knowledge and your power will grow this week.

Ethical behavior is called for this week, based on wisdom and tradition. Also great energy is in the offing, as well, to bring about new beginnings and new life.

A powerful abundance rune for this week, but also following on from our last oracle, which was Berkana, representing new beginnings.

Make use of the energy around you, and use this power to grow your wealth, both financially and spiritually. Look around you for the opportunities which present themselves, and remember, wealth does not come out of laziness, but effort is required. Our rune this week is bringing you the "luck" you have been waiting for. The opening of doors for places you have been putting your efforts towards. Take the opportunities that present themselves.

Warning, don't forget to circulate some of your well gained wealth, that is financially, spiritually, and the knowledge you have. For the power of Fehu demands circulation of it may be cut off.

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