Weekly Oracle - Double Draw - Clear Message to Wait and Watch

Hello once again from the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa. This week, we have two cards for our Oracle reading. Almost always, when I shuffled the cards asking for the card of the week, I will only take a single card when it pops out. If two cards pop out I put them back and shuffle again.

This week, two cards popped out, and I returned them to the pack and shuffled again. The exact two cards popped out again. So, I don't know about you, but too me it is clear what the reading would be. Who am I to choose what is being said this week, I am not putting them both back this time, so here comes the Double Bill.

Lets look at both cards for the reading and see how the week ahead looks, and what guidance we can find from the messages.

The First card is ISA. The 11th rune of the Elder Futhark. Isa is one of the three delay runes. Meaning we are being warned to take note of time. STOP, and reflect.

A temporary pause is called for. It may be prudent to stop and wait for a better time. Take time to be silent and regroup your energies.

The Vikings were surrounded by ice, in the forms of winter freeze and glaciers. And it is this freeze that ISA refers to. ISA holds things in place, in stasis. Ice slows waters path. It makes it wait.

Look at what you are engaged in, and consider that you need to understand that something may be frozen in place for a time –  and this can be beneficial. Stop, Pause, and when it feels right again, Engage.

Also, do not allow others to control you and your time.

The sunstone Oracle Card.

The Icelandic Saga’s of the 1st century tell of the Vikings voyages on the coast of Norway to Iceland and further on to Newfoundland (USA, before Columbus). Since the weather conditions were often stormy and icy, and this time was before the magnetic compass came to European continent, it was known that the Vikings used a Sunstone. A special crystal (now understood to perhaps be calcite) which would polarize the sun and help when cloudy or dark skies were around. This polarization would show where the sun was by refraction. Recently such a stone has been found in an archaeological dig up north.

Our message from the Sunstone is to look and trust our voyage, even if a situation seems opaque and unknowable.

The Double Call – The weekly oracle

Since this is not normal, I ask why two, and why ISA and Sunstone. ISA has issued the call to wait. Stop. And the Sunstone calls us to look past the illusion – discover the facts. Look for more clarity.

So together it is very clear we are called not to make any rash decisions. Take time to pause. And be silent. Listen to your inner voice. And by waiting a little, and looking past the illusion, the way will become clear. You will find an answer for what was unknowable.

I think this week has been a clear message.

Stop. Pause and don’t yet engage. Wait. There is a way, another way. And by using and listening to the power of ISA and the lessons of the Sunstone, we will come to see that waiting can sometimes bring greater results.

 Enjoy the week ahead. Perhaps the call to wait will allow for some needed rest. A short delay in plans, but ultimately more clarity and a clearer direction of the way forward.

Love and Light

Brad Ensamvarg


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