Weekly Oracle - Berkano - New Beginnings


Todays Card of the week is a Rune draw - Berkana

Berkano,  meaning Birch. This is the rune of the goddess Berchta.

She is traditionally worshipped at the winter solstice to frighten off the dark spirits of winter and make way for the brightness of spring.

She is connected to the Birch tree. Birch twigs were traditionally used to make brooms. They were believed to have magical cleansing powers to drive away evil spirits. Berchta is connected to the modern word “Bright”. Birch wood, when used as a fire starter burns exceptionally bright.

The Berkano rune is the principle of self-contained and continuous propagation or growth.

Expect new beginnings this coming week. Look out for opportunity in those things which you have been working on. This may be a good time for the birthing of new ideas, or for growing of, and the continuous propagation of, those ideas you have been working on.

There may be some serious life changes on the table this week. This rune is also all about life changes and liberation. Of becoming. Something new and fresh is in the wind.

In relationships this could mean a new relationship is in the offing, or a new direction for an existing relationship.

Berkano also signifies Spiritual Birth.

So no matter which aspect of your life you are working on, be it Villi (The Physical world) / Ve (Psychological realms) / Odin (spiritual realm), be ready for new liberating change.

Have a fantastic week. And be blessed.

And to finish off, here is a little wisdom from old One-eyed himself.
A fool
stays awake all night
worrying about everything
He’s fatigued
When the morning comes,
And his problems remain unsolved

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