The Weekly Oracle - The Sunstone - You are not lost, you have the tools you need

SunstoneI have decided to move the Rune/Oracle of the week to a Monday, the day most of us around the world start our work week. Today, the Oracle card for the week is not a rune, but an item. The Sunstone / Solarsteinn was used by the early vikings to help navigate their way on voyages, even through the mist, and low light days. The almost never setting sun in the northern regions could sometimes be lost on the horizon, or be obscured. The Sunstone was a way, before compasses, to always tell where the sun was, and hence help them navigate. A way to reveal the true position of the hidden sun, even on low contrast days or stormy skies.

The message for us for the week ahead, is you are not lost, and neither is hope lost. You have all the tools at hand to find your way, and reach your goals. Trust yourself, and look within for what you need, to achieve the goals you have set for this week, and the month ahead.

You can make things happen, you have what it is you need, within yourself, to navigate these waters, even though things don't look as bright as you may have wanted them to. Look to your own skills, knowledge and resources to pull you through these rough seas. The Sunstone is a reminder that we can forge ahead in rough and uncertain times because we have what it takes within our self. Trust your inner self, and you will find a way, a new way, to break through the situation at hand.

This is true whether it is for your business, financial or relationship life. This week the message is one and the same for all these areas. Dig deep, go within, and you will navigate through thee tough seas. You have the tools need, on hand.

Have a great week, and be blessed.

Love, light and Skol.

Bradley Ensamvarg

(Card used is from the Stacey Demarco Viking Oracle Pack)

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