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The Weekly Oracle - The Sunstone - You are not lost, you have the tools you need

I have decided to move the Rune/Oracle of the week to a Monday, the day most of us around the world start our work week. Today, the Oracle card for the week is not a rune, but an item. The Sunstone / Solarsteinn was used by the early vikings to help navigate their way on voyages, even through the mist, and low light days. The almost never setting sun in the northern regions could sometimes be lost on the horizon, or be obscured. The Sunstone was a way, before compasses, to always tell where the sun was, and hence help them navigate. A way to reveal the true position of the hidden sun, even on low contrast days or stormy...

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Rune Oracle of the Week - Gebo - Harmony, Balance and Fair exchange

Gebo, the rune of fair exchange, balance and harmony. Sometimes we may feel weary and tired, and just wish for a little reprieve from the daily grind and stresses. And perhaps just need a little break to get things moving foward in a positive directions. Well Gebo may just well be that little break. Gebo, is the GIFT. So when we see Gebo in our rune draw it most certainly brings the element of giving to our fore. But we are also on the receiving end of that blessing.  As we move beyond the mid winter period here in the Southern Hemisphere, Gebo would remind us that at this time that harmony in the family and work environment is paramount....

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