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Rune Oracle of the Week - Gebo - Harmony, Balance and Fair exchange

Gebo, the rune of fair exchange, balance and harmony. Sometimes we may feel weary and tired, and just wish for a little reprieve from the daily grind and stresses. And perhaps just need a little break to get things moving foward in a positive directions. Well Gebo may just well be that little break. Gebo, is the GIFT. So when we see Gebo in our rune draw it most certainly brings the element of giving to our fore. But we are also on the receiving end of that blessing.  As we move beyond the mid winter period here in the Southern Hemisphere, Gebo would remind us that at this time that harmony in the family and work environment is paramount....

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Weekly Oracle - The rune Gebo - Generosity, Success and Understanding

Good Morning, and what a fantastic day here along the Garden Route of South Africa. Sun is shining and clear skies abound. This weeks Oracle comes in the form of the Gebo rune. And I am doubly excited, as this is the first time I am using my new set of Rune Cards. I have been waiting for them close on three months. Thought they got lost in the postal system. And I did a little ceremony last week to call them in from being lost. Long story short, my 5 year old daughter found a slip floating around the garden on Friday. Didn't look like it had been there overnight, and certainly not a month old as the slip said....

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