Rune Oracle of the Week - Jera - Reward for Right Action

JeraSorry for missing last week. Printing the new Learn the Rune Cards and the Diviner Set was a very busy task. (hint - if you haven't ordered your pack yet, don't waste anymore time) But I am back this week with the Mid-week, Rune of the Week Oracle. And today, Jera makes an appearance. Jera reminds us about the Rewards for Right Action. Jera, Pronounced (yare-awe) and means Year, Good Harvest. It reminds us that we should always be planting, even when times are tough, as winter always comes, and the harvest we take at the end of the good times is our abundance for winter, and our seed for the new spring.

The lessons we get from this may seem obvious, but how often do we forget to plan and keep planting seed to ensure an abundant harvest. Even when we don't feel like it. In life coaching one of the many issues that come up a lot, and causes some of the most stress, is finances. Jera reminds us that we reap what we sow. So keep planting. Its not just all about positive thoughts, and positive thinking theory. Its about actions, and planning.

So this week consider that if you are going through a tough financial time, think ahead, look for opportunity, while you work, think of many other ways to make extra incomes. You don't need one big project. If we plant enough crops, even in drought and tough times we will have sufficient, and in good times we will have an over abundance. The financial message from Jera this week is multiple income from multiple sources. Plow and plant multiple crops for the best possible harvest. Don't be restricted to one income.

In relationships Jera reminds us to consider proper timing when approaching sensitive topics. So when confronting your spouse on an issue this week, and always, Jera asks you to consider proper timing to get the best results from the interaction. Don't just react, rather take time to understand and then respond at the right appropriate moment. Doing this will bring the best result.

If you have been working on a specific project or putting your efforts towards something you have wanted or needed, Jera brings abundant harvest. Your efforts will be rewarded.

So this week, plan, plant and enjoy the fruits of your harvest. 

Love, Light, and Skol,

Bradley Ensamvarg


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