Rune Oracle of the Week - Gebo - Harmony, Balance and Fair exchange

Gebo - GifuGebo, the rune of fair exchange, balance and harmony. Sometimes we may feel weary and tired, and just wish for a little reprieve from the daily grind and stresses. And perhaps just need a little break to get things moving foward in a positive directions. Well Gebo may just well be that little break. Gebo, is the GIFT. So when we see Gebo in our rune draw it most certainly brings the element of giving to our fore. But we are also on the receiving end of that blessing. 

As we move beyond the mid winter period here in the Southern Hemisphere, Gebo would remind us that at this time that harmony in the family and work environment is paramount. Find a way to work together, and bring understanding and balance to your interactions within the family, as well as work environment. It is within this balance that we find solutions and move forward in harmony.

Gebo, also brings a warning. A reminder not to be a people pleaser, to beware the trap of co-dependency in relationships. Relationships are about balance, and fair exchange. All sides need to be equally involved, and its not a one sided affair. So this week, examine your relationships with those around you, and make sure you are working together with others who are respectful of you, and that you are also not stepping over the boundaries of others. Be fair, be generous, but do this with honour for the relationship.

Gebo also brings the energies of Synchronicity with it this week. Look out for the way things come together in balance and harmony. Spirit reminds us that at this time, the universe is conspiring to bring balance to our environment, but also expect generosity and gifts of various forms this coming week. The power of synchronicity is strong and will be working in your favor.

Look up, and enjoy the respite this week, see the sun shining down on you as you breathe a little, it may have been tough these last few weeks, but Gebo offers your a break, and hope going forward.

Be blessed, and remember, Gebo also reminds us to give a little. As you receive, allow yourself to be  blessing to others as well. In what ever little way you can, make a difference in someone else's life this week.

Love, Light and Skal,

Bradley Ensamvarg



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