Weekly Oracle - Pethro - The Rune of Good Lot, and Evolutionary Change

Pethro_Fate has spokenGood Morning, Once again its time for the Oracle of the week. This week I was called to draw a rune from my bag. A little different from the card shuffle, but sometimes a lot more powerful. The rune stavs have a life and energy all of their own. And as luck would have it, this week it is the Rune of Good Lot, or simply, the rune of luck.  We were asked last week to wait, not to rush into things. This week Pethro has been drawn. I believe in answer to our patience, and willingness to hold on, and not rush into things. Now is the time to enjoy your "LUCKY BREAK".  The Pethro rune is believe to be shaped similar to the casting cup of the old Germanic gamblers. And they did like to play the dice. The Northern tribes looked at gambling similar to war. A way to test their luck. And they took it seriously.

 Pethro this week brings us a message of good tidings ahead. Ready yourself to receive luck by preparing a base of hard work. In the Northern way, fortune favored those who put in the efforts. So those efforts that you have been plowing in, watch for the windfall, the "lucky" break. Doors will open this week that you were not even aware you should be looking in the direction of. Step forward, and walk high, and step through the open doors. Take the opportunity that presents itself. That so called "Lucky Break". And remember to give thanks. And enjoy the windfall.

Pethro also speaks of knowledge of our Orlog (Fate), and is closely associated with the Norns. So this week may hold some information about your path in life. It may answer some questions as to your life's purpose. A few weeks back we were taught about the power of fate vs will. This week we are ask to move forward with our fate, with what is being shown to us. Take heed of the guidance you find this week. As the Norns are speaking to you.

Ways will open up this week that have been closed to you before. You will find things falling into place so that the road you are meant to be taking becomes clear, the easy road this week. It will seem like the wait has been well worth it.

Be rewarded for your efforts, your planning, and your prayers. Be ready for evolutionary change in your life. And step forward into your personal power, and your personal space.

Love, Light and Good luck for the week ahead.

Bradley Ensamvarg




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    Lovely message. Thankyou!

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