Oracle of the week - Tiwaz - honor your agreements, and be true in all your dealings

TiwazTiwaz - The one handed god. The symbol of trust, faith and loyalty. A little Background: Tiwaz,(Pronounce tyr-was) is ruled by the god Tyr, who sacrificed his hand to Fnrir the wolf for the good of his community. It is said that the Aesir gods were afraid that Fenrir would destroy them, and decided to bind the great wolf, but had to trick him in order to do so. They asked Fenrir to use his great strength to test some bonds for them, assuring him they would let him go if he were unable to break the bonds. Fenrir was rightly suspicious, and he asked for insurance. He asked that one of the gods place their hand in his mouth and said that if the gods did not release him, the hand would be Fenrirs.

So a little trick, but Tyr sacrificed his hand for his community, as he knew they would not be letting Fenrir go, but he put his hand in the wolves mouth anyway.

Tiwaz is telling us that this week, self-sacrifice may be needed to achieve your goals. Create something new, and it will grow into something powerful. Focus your will strongly and with clarity.

Whatever you have in your heart at this moment, and have been wanting to start off. Now is a good time. Know that it may call you to make sacrifices which could be uncomfortable, but these will pay off in the end. The energies are right at this time. Use these energies, and focus your desire and will strongly on the goal. Keep a clear mind. And you will see results.

If you have any legal matters at present, Tiwaz says you will have success in these matters as long as you have been acting in faith and truth. If you are entering into any agreements, this is a good sign, but beware, Tiwaz expects us to act in good faith, and to honor our agreements, even those we make with ourselves. So think carefully before concluding any agreement this week, and make sure you have the capacity, and the will to honor it fully. From this then there will be success.

You are called to act with justice and in truth in all you do this week. We should be doing that anyway, but this weeks rune is a reminder to stand your ground, and stay honest and truthful in your dealings. You may be tempted to stretch the truth a little, or even tell a little white lie to close the deal. But don't. This is a time to stand your ground and be truthful in your dealings. By doing this the result will be beneficial to you. Not necessarily in the way you wish it to be, because there is something else you do not know about the situation. So stand true.

If you have broken any agreements in the past, and this has been on your mind, you need to make right. Even if this means self-sacrifice of some sort, or that it could be uncomfortable, you MUST make right. 

So stand tall this week. Be honorable, truthful and keep to your word.

Thank you for reading, and have a blessed week ahead.

Love, Light and Blessings

Brad Ensamvarg


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