Oracle of the Week - The Three Norns - They have more to say, and they say it straight

The NornsThose of you following the Oracle of the week, will recognize this from the May 1st post. Sitting in my practice room today, and creating, preparing the space, to draw the Oracle of the week, I follow a small ritual. Part of which is to call on the three Norns; Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, to speak truly, for they are the ones who weave the web of Wyrd. But, what to do when this is the second time this card comes out in just over a month. Do I put it back and ask again. I think not. Unless I want to open myself for a spiritual slap. :-)

 "There stands an ash called Yggdrasil,
A mighty tree showered in white hail.
From there come the dews that fall in the valleys.
It stands evergreen above Urd’s Well.

From there come maidens, very wise,
Three from the lake that stands beneath the pole.
One is called Urd, another Verdandi,
Skuld the third; they carve into the tree
The lives and destinies of children."

I am going to type this as it comes to me, as I hear it, un-edited:

The message is direct. Hear the Norns.

“Speak Truly you ask, so we speak truly and plainly;

Many ask regularly about their fate, or their destiny, and we speak truly. We speak as we see it. In our language we do not have word for the future. We have only two tenses. That which is past, or the past tense, and that which is happening right now, the very present tense. We do not speak in future tense. However, we do speak of intention, or necessity. Meaning, while we weave the past into the web of wyrd, and it is fixed, those energies are what has created the now, and what is just about to become the past, is what may, or shall create the intent of what is to come.”

So while we are happy to speak truly what has come to pass, and what may come to pass, you are very much in control of the outcome of the future. There is no such thing such as fate in our world. You are not fated to anything. Where you were born, which class of society, which religion, and which parents are all things of the past. But these are not what creates your destiny. You, the individual are the one who builds the future by your past, and current actions. What you do in THIS MOMENT is what creates what shall come to pass. While we as the Norns may design the earliest form of your destiny, you have the power to change what you do not want, as and when you would like to change it.

When you ask a diviner to read the runes, or read the cards, they can tell you what may come to pass based on the energy of the present, and the past. But this outcome is still very much in your hands. Take control. If you are waiting to see a Rune Cast or a Rune read, or a Tarot reading, or an Oracle reading which can accurately predict your future, beware. When we present our answers to the diviner in a reading, we can only show what may happen if the energies that have brought you to this place continue along the same path. If you don’t like it, there is no need to accept it. Change it. Weave a new way forward. Change it. It is you who determines the ultimate path along which you walk. No Gods, or any other human, or the circumstances of your past. YOU determine what shall come to pass.”

So, if you have had a reading recently, and were told that this and this bad thing is going to happen, or whatever was laid out before you, remember this, that the power sits with YOU to change it if you don’t like it.”

So what should we learn from this?

A reading is only there to reveal the energies that have brought you to this place in life, and if you continue along those lines, where you may end up. But this is where working with the power of the runes comes in. Together with your higher self, and your subconscious being, you can use the runes to create a new path, and new destiny, one designed ultimately by you. But be careful what you ask for, for every action has a response, so design carefully, design with passion.

To finish, there is nothing wrong with going to the cards, or the runes to seek guidance, but ultimately what you do with the information presented to you is more important than what was presented to you.

Be the power, own the power.

Love, Light, and Skal

Brad Ensamvarg

PS. And yes I am still available to do rune readings, don't think I am out of a job as yet. Ultimately readings are a guiding mechanism to help us understand why we are where we are, and what we may need to do to take control of our future.



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