Oracle of the Week - Sowilo (soe-wee-low) Success and Hope for things to come

Sowilo_SowuloSowulo / Sowilo, (pronounced soe-wee-low) means The Sun. And for those of us down in the southern hemisphere this is a good sign as we approach the mid-winters mark, our winter solstice. Sowilo speaks of optimism, hope and good guidance. It speaks of achieving goals, and success, honor and luck. Sowilo is also the rune of spirit and soul. This week our message is to look forward in hope. To know that the lessons we have met these past weeks, and the efforts we have made will result in success and hope for the future.

Spirit would have us know that we should remain optimistic of the things to come. We have honored agreements, kept our ground, and now must look forward in hope, and the knowledge that these things bring us success. If we have followed the good guidance that has been given over the past month, and put in the efforts, we can expect success this week in our dealings. Deals from the past will come back, those deals we thought were gone and lost, are now illuminated by the sun.

Sowilo brings us that lucky break this week. And inner guidance to know what to do at the right time, what to do to close the deals with success. Listen to your inner spirit. Take time to connect to you soul.

If you are traveling, Sowilo offers protection, and joy. Enjoy knowing you will be safe.

This is a good week for all things; Relationships, Business and personal finances. Look inward and listen to your soul, and follow your inner voice, and you will find the success you have been working towards. Use this positive bright energy from the sun, at this mid winters point, to bring warmth back into a stale relationship. Be the light that shines, take a little journey together to build stronger bonds. Even if its just a little day trip.

The past weeks have brought you to this place of joy and success. You have listened to the Norns and created your own future.You have activated the lessons, and now can see the results. You are on your right path, the truth is right in front of you, should you choose to see it. The future is bright.

Have the most amazing week Tribe. 

Love, light and Skol...

Brad Ensamvarg



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