Oracle of the Week - Raidho- Rhythm, Auspicious Timing, Progress and Travels

RaidhoRaidho - the rune of rhythm and progress. Of order and action. Ritual and being on your right path. The card design depicted here today is an early design of my own "Ensamvarg Rune Card" deck that I have designed to be used for teaching. The card is filled with elements to teach us more of the rune, from an esoteric, historic, lore and shamanic side. Raidho is closely linked to horses. Directly and indirectly in the meaning. Pronounced "Rye-though" this is the rune of rythym and travel. This week Skuld (the third of the three Norns, her name being the origins of the word for "Should") brings us the card Raidho.

Raidho is here to tell us to keep to the right path. Stay on track following your journey. Follow your calling. Listen to your heart and make decisions which resonate with your inner being, with your soul. Take action to move forward in an ordered way. This is an auspicious time for you, and your journey through this life. Look out for the junction in the road along your path, and take counsel, listening to your heart, and choose wisely which path you follow this week. There awaits an incredible journey ahead, but you need to follow your heart. When the time arises, listen to your heart, and take action. This is the week for action.

We are also reminded of the importance of ritual in our lives. Ritual helps set in intent, and creates an environment for stronger emotion and intent when setting our goals and aspirations. So take some time out this week and re-establish your personal ritual, and keep it going. Be that daily, or weekly, create a space that is unique to you, and build a ritual that allows you to develop the right environment to listen to your heart, and to project your intentions to the universe out there. 

Whenever Raidho comes up, travel is always sure to be involved. So for some of you this means packing the bags. Raidho is also a great rune for adding to any bind-rune when it comes to protection while traveling. So if you have been contemplating taking a trip, whether for pleasure, or business, Raidho says now is the time. This is the "right", and auspicious moment for that travel to happen.

Have an awesome rhythmic week ahead, and what an exciting time to feel alive. Happy travels, and journey. 

"A traveler cannot bring a better burden on the road than plenty of wisdom, It will prove better than money in an unfamiliar place..."

Be blessed, 

Love and Light, and safe travels

Bradley Ensamvarg





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