Oracle of the week Ehwaz - Get in step (Rhythm), and get your A%%^ moving....

EhwazEhwaz, the rune of the horse. More specifically two horses in harness, working together. Anyone getting a feeling that the moon and stars are playing at their influence game pretty strongly lately. Well today I was drawing the card, and out comes Ehwaz. Not quite feeling the card, I took another pack and shuffled again. Out comes Mani, the moon card. Which speaks of time, and how precious it is.
Thinking I really need to stick with what I was led with the first draw, I thought perhaps there is a common theme here. And low and behold, Time, more importantly the urgency in time. Mani is a card which represents the male god of the moon. The old norse tribes did not measure time by the sun, but by the moon. And Mani as a card is a reminder that time is precious.
Ehwaz is the rune of rythm, and of moving with the flow. But Ehwaz also speaks of getting a move on. Moving forward, taking speedy action.

Firstly, Ehwaz is a rune of the now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but now. And today we are told to get our proverbial arses moving, and get a move on. Make things happen. Take charge. In the past we may have been asked to go with the flow and just be patient. Well, it appears the time has come to move forward. So take heed, and get moving on whatever it was that was in delay.
The second point is all about rhythm. More specifically being in sinc. Anyone have that feeling that things are out of alignment, perhaps you stressing over things yet you know it will all be ok. Today we are told to bring ourselves in sinc with spirit, god, the gods, your divine self. You have been focusing on the outside world, and neglecting the inner world a little. Which is not always a bad thing, as we are here in midgard and live here. But today its important to pull our personal rhythms in sinc with our spiritual expressions.
The gods are calling us to action, but want to walk along side us, helping us in our quest. Whatever it is we have planned. Take time out to do something that will bring you in sinc with your spiritual side. Ritual, ceremony, offering. Take time out, and get into rhythm and them get moving in a forward positive direction with the task at hand. I hope this is making sense to you, as I feel a little disjointed writing this, but am trusting the process here. It truly is calling us to first get in sinc with our spiritual rhythms and them move forward like we are being chased by the wolves. Have a blessed week.

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