Those who know me, know that I am attracted by the sea, and the forest. I have always had an attraction to the sea, and to nature. 

Today I discovered more about why I was attracted to build my outdoor Altar in a cave on the beach near to where I live. I go down almost daily to sit on a flat rock, a sort of Uit-sit, or meditation.

I felt a call to build two specific Altars for Freyja. One separate one within my space, and one outside in nature.

For the space outside I was led down to our rocky beach, around a corner, and into a small cave, open to the sea. In front a large flat rock.

Inside I laid out some flat rocks on top of each other, and found a suitable Elk shaped stick to crown it off. Quartz from the beach, and a few other items. This seemed a fitting altar. 

But I kept wandering why here. Why not in the forest, or the nature around my house. But I listened and built, and now I go down regularly for alone time, and to light a candle at the altar for Freyja.

So why the sea, or more specifically near the sea? Why would she choose this place, when there is so much fertile land and nature around me?

In Norse mythology, Freyja, meaning "Lady", is the daughter of the sea-god Njörd, and hence is closely associated with the sea. One can almost expect her to have spent some time near the sea given who her father was.

In Gylfaginning 35, she is known by the name Mardöll, which means "sea-shimmer". She is also famous for the necklace she owns and wears, Brisingamen. Brisingamen also has another name, and is known as fagurt hafnýra, or "the fair kidney of the sea". And when the God Heimdall wrestled Loki for possession of it, they both took the form of seals. Another connection...

So there is a connection to Freyja and the sea. And it seems fitting that her outdoor altar is in a beautiful space on a secluded beach, watching out over her fathers domain, as master of ships of the sea and God of Sailors and sea Merchants. And Freyja, the Goddess of Seidr, and teacher of Odhin. And now teacher to me.

We learn each day...

Blessed be.

Pic Credit: “Freyja” by Lindowyn

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