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"Learn the Runes" -Elder Futhark Rune Cards - Beginner to Advanced

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For All things Runic, Magickal, Mystical and Spiritual

Welcome to Ensamvarg Runic Mysteries, where you will find services and products related to the Ancient Ways of the Northern tribes.  Join me for a journey with the Runes, come and learn more about the Runes, and the mysteries around them.

I am Vitki, and a student of the Runes. Here you will find truly empowered articles, and services in the practice of the Teutonic tribes. Galdr, Rune Readings, Magickal Talisman, Amulets, and transformational healing using the power of the Runes.

However, not all things on this site are serious or super spiritual. Life is about fun, laughter, and feeling good. So, for those of you who enjoy the designs, signs and symbols of the Old Gods, I have also added some more decorative and fun items. And in these cases, I have chosen items that are as close to authentic and accurate as possible, given their commercial nature.


Rune Readings

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Talisman Galdr Work - Custom Rune Amulet

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